Fundraising & Spring Fair – Important Notice

The New Fundraising Sub-Committee

The role of the Fundraising (FR) Sub-committee is to oversee all fundraising activities across the school. Clearly the Spring Fair is the biggest fundraising event for the year, but it is NOT the role of the FR Sub-committee to organise and run Spring Fair!

Current fundraising activities in the school include:

  • Spring Fair
  • Thursday Market
  • External stalls
    • Cake stalls (Collingwood Children’s Farm)
    • Bunnings sausage sizzles
    • China trip

The FR Sub-Committee currently has two members and we need another 4 or more lovely people to join us. If you have a passion for one of the fundraising activities listed above or your own fundraising ideas, then please consider joining.

To join the FR Sub-committee or for more info email or call Yuki 0414 489 814 or Nada 0478 604 448.


Spring Fair 2015 

The date of our Spring Fair this year is:  

Sunday 18 October 2015  (11am – 4pm)


Spring Fair Committee

Over the last few years the Spring Fair has grown and now it is a huge and exciting event. It is also a lot of work to bring it all together! This work needs to be shared in order for Spring Fair to be fun and sustainable for everyone.

This year the responsibility for Spring Fair has shifted from being a Parents Association led event to being under the management of the school’s newly formed Fundraising Sub-committee. Understandably volunteers from the school community were reluctant to come forward and sign up to this new FR Sub-committee, knowing how much work past Spring Fair coordinators have put in and not wanting to take that all on themselves.

As it looked as if the Spring Fair might not happen this year, a few parents have now stepped forward to get the ball rolling!

To make organising Spring Fair manageable for everyone, we are trying a new round-table approach to the Spring Fair Committee. This aims to bring together representatives from all the different groups across the school that need to work together towards Spring Fair.

The Spring Fair Committee will be comprised of representatives from the following groups:

    • Leadership
    • Communications & Marketing
    • Finance
    • Buildings & Grounds
    • EdPol
    • Fundraising
    • Music Department
    • Kitchen Garden
    • SRC
    • Learning Communities/Teaching Staff
    • Early years (Preps)
      • 1&2
      • 3&4
      • 5&6
      • 7&8
      • 9&10
      • 11&12
    • Parent Community/Home groups
    • Parents Association

Spring Fair Committee Meeting

The first Spring Fair Committee Meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY 15th JULY, 7.45am – 8.30am in the Library (first week of next term). Childcare will be provided in the Fiction Room and the VCE room, both accessible via the main library room.

The purpose of this first meeting is to give each group (listed above) a few minutes to introduce themselves and explain what they do as part of Spring Fair. Each class group will be given the opportunity to give a brief update on their classes plans.

We need a representative from each group for this to work and for everyone to feel that we are in this together and working together. 

As it worked well last year to give classes the option of choosing their activity for the Spring Fair, we will use this method again this year.

Each class (home group) is requested to send a parent representative to this meeting and bring along a list of your classes top 3 preferences for stalls/activities. Please note that the person attending as Class Rep does not necessarily have to be the person organising the class’ involvement in Spring Fair, it is just essential that every class has a voice!

Weekly Spring Fair Meetings

As in previous years there will be regular weekly Spring Fair meetings in the canteen to provide continuity and keep things moving between the bigger, more formal Spring Fair Committee meetings.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Kind Regards, Yuki and Nada on behalf of the Fundraising Committee

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