The Following are the SRC Representatives of 2015:


12:  Sage Hall-Smith,

       Corey Martin,

       Brahmony McCrossin

11: Sumeyra Kalkan

       Van Anh Duong

       Megan Anderson

 11: Int student: Citra Lestari

10A: Liberty Minogue

Abdi Nur

Bashir Farah

10B Mohamed Mohamed

Emma Dimitriou

10C:  Sydney Oliff

Isabelle Mure.

 9A:  Jack Burns

Sarah Safari

Lawrence Lovett

9B:    Kianna Blundston

Flynn Bailey

Caius Pierard

9C:    Lucy Tate

Charlie Morris

Ash Hoy

9D:     OscarTerry Young

8A:     Malaz Mohamed-Bakhit

Nathan Trung

Taner Can


8C:     Georgia Evans

Jayen Walis

7A:        Hibo Khalif

Hero Minogue

Riley O’Halloran

7B:        Hannah Ayerst

Jingye Zhang

7C:        Bodhi Harper-Lamont

5/6S:     Mazin Mohamed- Bakhit

Lillian Gray

5/6M:   Taylor Archer

Miabella Vaughan

Halan Bell- Vant

6N         Bassi Brown

Lilah Warau

5L:         Sophie Jacka

Will Merissen

4J:         Jani Innes

Ameya Sommer-Allie

4K:        Julian Van Den Eynde

Dubhessa Byrant


3-4 BBK     Elvis Candy Rajovonovic

Jazz Guzman-Johnson

Alana Archer

3B          Wilhelmina Green

Kobe Hope

Click here to see a gallery of SRC photos from Term 1: SRC Photos

Student Representative Council (SRC) Elections have been taking place over the last three weeks. What an amazing time it has been. Students have been preparing special speeches and classes have been buzzing with elections. What an amazing effort some students have put in! It is heartening to see students putting their hands up and wanting the responsibility of this role…..the school encourages students to have a voice and to help develop a social conscience. This year the SRC will be led by Sage Hall-Smith, Corey Martin and Brahmony McCrossin

Meetings take place every Thursday morning recess in room 217 and most SRC students are getting into the routine of attending.  So far in term one the SRC students have participated in a Training Day which took place at the  local Yarra Youth Centre, a very supportive organisation that allow the students to use their wonderful facilities.

Students set goals for the year, enjoyed team building activities and really thought about their role as a Student Representative for the year. It was an interesting and very productive day, with good relationships developing between both older and younger students. Co-operative learning and communication skills, as well as forward planning were the goals of the day and these were certainly achieved at Training Day.

During this first term the students have been involved in elections, helped cater for teachers on Parent/teacher night, participated in Training Day and attended weekly meetings.. They will be reporting events and ideas back to their classes after the meetings and also reporting at level assemblies. Their first major event this year has been the organisation of Crazy hair day for the Leukaemia Society last week, with $300.00 being raised through hair colouring, and selling ice-cream. One young year seven student, Cody Stewart, also shaved his head, raising over $300.00 for his efforts! An excellent contribution to this worthwhile cause.

The SRC would also like to encourage the school community to support their fundraising efforts with collections for Vanuatu. The SRC representatives will be supporting Meredith’s drive for the collection of tinned food and blankets for the victims of Vanuatu.  They will be collecting from their classes and passing items to the collection depots this week and early next term too.

Next term there will be many activities that the SRC students will be involved with. They are looking forward to a happy, productive and successful year. I have enclosed a number of images from Training Day and Crazy Hair Day for perusal.

Looking forward to a great 2015.

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